January 2009

LearnDAT Breakfast Series: Accessibility - Evaluating Your Content and Responding to Requests

DATE: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PLACE: Main Library, North Conference Room, 4th Floor, West Wing

TIME: 8:45am - 10:00am (8:30am for refreshments)

TOPIC: Accessibility - Evaluating Your Content and Responding to Requests

PRESENTERS: Brendan Guenther Acting Director, Learning Design and Technology Sean Leahy Producer, Learning Design and Technology

It's AT&T Awards Application Time!

image that says at&t awards, michigan state university MSU faculty, it is time to take a deeper look at the heart, soul and hours you've poured into your online and blended offerings and apply for the fifth annual AT&T Awards in Instructional Technology program.  This program recognizes a wide spectrum of best practices in instruction, creativity, engagement and use of online technology, offering instructors a venue not only for recongition of w

Brown Bag - Synchronous Online Communication and Learning Solutions

This Friday, the Explorations in Instructional Technology brown bag seminar will feature Brendan Guenther and John Quick of LearnDAT.  "Synchronous Online Communication and Learning Solutions for MSU" will feature demonstrations from three potential web conferencing products (Elluminate, DimDim, and Wimba).  The main focus of this presentation is familiarizing the seminar community with a few of the potential web conferencing solutions for MSU and their unique capabilities.  A brief status update on the current acquisition process for MSU's next web conferencing

Standards and Measures on the Way for Digital Literacy

According to a CNET report, Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft are collaborating with academics to create assessment standards for digital literacy.

This got me thinking not only about what digital literacy means, but why, how, and if it should be measured.

Educational Challenges

image of puzzle pieces interlocked