February 2009 Fast, Simple, and Free Online Collaboration is a "free document collaboration web-meeting" service. It offers multiple online collaboration tools for manipulating documents, YouTube videos, Google Maps, and more. The main features available via this site are described below, along with a few videos that I created to demonstrate their functionality.

Faculty Technology Showcase - Friday, February 20

From Byron Brown:


Jetset: A [Serious] Game for [iPhones]


Fall 2008 Web Accessibility Policy Faculty and Student Surveys

Each fall and spring semester, Learning Design and Technology surveys faculty and students on a topic related to online learning. The fall 2008 survey focused on potential impacts of MSU’s new web accessibility policy. The surveys did not describe or ask about specific details of the MSU Web Accessibility Policy.

The "Expensivening" of Photography: Potential Lessons for Educational Technology Professionals

Thanks to a somewhat arbitrary and random photography experience, I was enticed to reflect on the ever-changing nature of technology and what it means for me as an educational technology professional.