May 2009

Follow-Up: What's Missing from Skype

Nearly two months ago, I canceled my iPhone's AT&T service and made a leap into the mobile world of Skype. This has turned out to be an excellent decision for me. Although Skype is not perfect, my style of cell phone use plays well into its advantages.

Photoshop Tutorial: Additional Masking Features

After receiving feedback on my previous Photoshop tutorial, I decided to create a second video to demonstrate a few additional features related to masking.

How to Create a Border for, Reposition, and Transform a Mask.

Click Here to view the narrated tutorial video.

Transform: The Educational Geometry Puzzle Game

Transform is my latest educational game. Its learning focus is on basic geometric transformations. The topics of reflection, rotation, translation, and dilation, more commonly known as flip, turn, slide, and scale, are all conveyed through an interactive puzzle environment.

Geotagging MSU

I recently upgraded to a Nikon D90 camera and with it, I purchased the GP-1 GPS unit. The GP-1 allows for geotagging, which is the process of writing geographical information, such as latitude, longitude, and altitude, into the meta data of a digital image. This information can be used to create interactive maps via software like iPhoto '09, Flickr Map, and Google Earth. My ambitious project for the summer is to geotag an image of every building at Michigan State University (MSU) in order to create a robust and purposeful map of campus.

Photoshop Tutorial: Masking An Image For The Web

Masking is an easy way to make clean and professional-looking web images. Below, you will find a narrated video tutorial on how to mask an image and save it for the web. I have also included step by step written instructions.

How to Mask an Image in Photoshop

Click Here to view the narrated tutorial video.

Does the Blackboard purchase of ANGEL affect me?

To MSU's online instructors by Brendan Guenther, Director MSU LearnDAT...

eBay: An Analysis From the Seller's Perspective

I recently did some spring cleaning by selling a number of old electronics on eBay. Over the past few years, I have used the online auction site less and less as it has simultaneously increased its fees more and more. Yet I decided to give it another shot, while statistically analyzing the process to find out where the major fault point lies. I was surprised to conclude that shipping costs, rather than service fees, are the scourge of the eBay seller.

Countdown to ANGEL 7.4 Upgrade

As the semester draws to a close, this blog post serves as a reminder that we're two weeks out from the ANGEL 7.4 upgrade May 14 and 15 and to highlight a few important dates and professional development opportunities:

May 4 through 8 - Finals week

May 12 - Spring 2009 grades are due to the Registrar's Office.

May 12 and 13 - Faculty Seminars

May 14 and 15 - ANGEL 7.4 Upgrade.  Remember, ANGEL will be UNAVAILABLE during this time.