June 2009 Where Game Developers And Sponsors Meet (FGL) is a website dedicated to bringing Flash game developers and sponsors together. I have been using FGL since late 2008 and find it to be a useful tool with an excellent community. Below, I will briefly describe the two things that I most enjoy about The MSU Geo Project is Complete

Thanks to an intense day of photography last weekend and a long week of editing photos, I have completed the first version of the MSU Geo Project. It contains over 250 images from the main portion of Michigan State University's (MSU) campus. Each photo is geotagged with latitude, longitude, and altitude data, which allows software like Google Earth to automatically pinpoint where the image was taken.

Learning Mandarin Chinese With Rosetta Stone | 在四个月学习中文

On February 23, 2009, I began learning Mandarin Chinese. Using the Rosetta Stone software, I was able to become proficient in Chinese after only four months of practice.

Tips For Media Creation and Hosting

Where Do You Learn?

Lately, it seems as though Twitter is everywhere. I've been tweeting since 2007, but 2009 seems to be the year everyone is all "a-Twitter." When used properly, Twitter can be an amazing resource for finding content, sharing ideas and meeting new people.  For those new to the game, however, all of the best practices and invisible rules known only to those who frequent the site may seem intimidating.

Fun with SnagIt 9

Hello, my name is Jess and I love SnagIt 9.  I'm not afraid to say it.  I first heard of the product at Byron Brown's Instructional Technology brown bag, and was initially skeptical as to why I might need it.  I had Jing, what more could SnagIt do for me?  The recent ANGEL upgrade, and some interactions I've had with faculty members have proven it to be a great tool for not only screen captures, but also for simple image creation, visual descriptions and basic image-based layout.

Follow-Up: Progress on Geotagging MSU Project

Last month, I wrote about my idea to geotag all of the buildings and other significant landmarks on MSU's campus. My objective is to create an interactive, visual map of campus that can be shared through Google Earth. Thus far, I have taken over 90 images of approximately 50 campus locations. However, I still have about 70 more sites to document before completing the project.