July 2009

The Breakfast Series - What Can We Do For You?

As I prepare to convene the Breakfast Series advisory panel, I decided to write a brief blog post to the faculty, staff and academic staff members at MSU, both those who have attended the Series in the past, and those who have never been.  What topics would you like to see more of?  Is there anything you'd like to learn from us this year?  Please e-mail me with suggestions, requests, tips, feedback, anything you think could make the Breakfast Series better meet your needs as online and blended instructors and support personnel.

My Final vuBlog Post

I am writing to let our readers know that I will no longer be contributing to the vuBlog and that this is my final post. However, I will still continue to write for my personal blog, which can be found at: You can always find my latest ideas there. Thanks to everyone who has followed my articles and commented on them over the past year.

Tutorial: Splitting Clips And Adding Actions In ScreenFlow

Today, I bring you two basic tutorial videos on how to edit a recording in ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow is the premier screen recording software on the Mac and it features a smooth user interface with powerful capabilities and aesthetically pleasing effects. It has greatly simplified the tutorial process for my clients and myself.

Aviary's "Falcon" Image Markup Editor Is A Lightweight

Image annotation is all the rage these days. It makes conveying tutorials, instructions, and FAQs a breeze, without having to pull out the heavy screen recording software. Image annotation programs also fulfill the need for many users to make simple edits, such as cropping and resizing, quickly and easily.