August 2009

Gaining perspective on the LMS market

Michael Feldstein published an article on his 'e-literate' blog today that lightly summarizes a webinar he attended hosted by the Delta Initiative, a consultancy group, in cooperation with the Cal State system.

New ANGEL content type - MSU Scheduler


LearnDAT is excited to announce MSU Scheduler, a new content type developed for ANGEL that allows faculty members to create, and students to schedule appointments from the lessons tab of an ANGEL course.

Setting Day One Expectations in the Syllabus

To continue with yesterday's conversation regarding Day One and how to prepare yourself and your students, I share this link from Leigh Graves Wolf, coordinator of MSU's Master of Arts in Educational Technology. Prof. Hacker is a blog centering around digital pedagogy, and provides valuable information and tutorials for instructors navigating the challenges posed by the age of Web 2.0. On Twitter, you can follow Leigh at @gravesle or @MAET and Prof. Hacker at @ProfHacker.

Preparing for Day One Online


Professor Karl Gude in the New York Times

Some of you may remember Karl Gude of MSU's School of Journalism from his Breakfast Series presentation in 2008. Today, he garners a different audience, as his family is profiled in the New York Times article Breakfast Can Wait. The Day's First Stop is Online.