August 2010

9/15 Breakfast Conversation - Landscapes of Learning

MSU Learning Design and Technology (LearnDAT) invites you to attend the next session in our ongoing Breakfast Series: Conversations on Online Pedagogy and Best Practices

DATE: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PLACE: MSU Main Library, North Conference Room, 4th floor, west wing

TIME: 8:45am - 10:00am (8:30am for refreshments)

TOPIC: Landscapes of Learning: Creating effective online learning environments


Remind101 offers invite-only beta to Michigan State

This is an interesting idea, and it's not often MSU students get a chance to see something before the rest of the world, so I thought I'd pass along word about a new online service called Remind101. is a cloud-based application that sends students text message and email reminders before assignments are due.


If Students Had iPads...

This is the second of two blog posts considering the implications of Apple’s iPad for higher education.  My first blog discussed personal productivity affordances of the iPad.

If I had an iPad…

This is the first of two blog posts considering the implications of Apple’s iPad technology for higher education.  As a personal productivity tool, I still find my iPad to be beautiful and thrilling, just about every time I turn it on.  Physically, the light weight, small form factor fits in my purse. No more need for a backpack if I want mobile computing.  The 12 hour battery life lasts all day, so I do not need to choose which two hour block will be most important for taking notes.

Google Wave all washed up

Google announced this week that Google Wave would no longer be developed as a standalone product due to lack of adoption.  This means we won't be seeing a Google Wave based online class or plug-ins that turn Google Wave into excellent groupware for student-student collaboration.  It should be noted that many of the advanced features that Google Wave included, like line-by-line/character-by-character real-time writing collaboration have been incorporated into Google Docs.  If you haven't signed on to MSU's Google