January 2012

Breakfast Series Schedule for Spring 2012

MSU - Learning Design and Technology Conversations on Online Pedagogy and Best Practices, offered since 2002 2/8/12 To Tweet or not to Tweet? Using Twitter in the Online Classroom - Leigh Graves 3/14/12 Teaching and Learning with Games - Joe Fitzgerald and Carrie Heeter 4/11/12 Taking Advantage of the capabilities of MSU's New online Video Platform (Kaltura) Brendan Guenther and Keesa Muhammad More Info:

EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2012 Annual Meeting Feb13-15 At Wills House

Join us on campus at this year's expanded program online at the ELI 2012 Annual Meeting February 13 - 15 hosted on MSU campus at Wills house! This event is free of charge! Come network and share ideas. The 2012 Annual Meeting will explore a rich matrix of themes that capture the key opportunities and challenges facing the teaching and learning community. Just within the space of the past year, open educational content and the ubiquity of even smarter mobile devices have shifted the teaching and learning landscape and the way we think about what constitutes learning environments. Increased reliance on cloud-based resources has created new opportunities for innovation but also presented us with important policy and privacy issues. This is an event you don't want to miss!