March 2012

VU takes it on the road…

…or at least across campus. Continuing with their model of support for online and blended course designs, LearnDAT has just completed its first department-focused workshop blending effective teaching strategies with technology tools. The Department of Forestry is looking towards expanding more of their course offerings into the online medium and sought out ways to support their faculty and staff in beginning this endeavor.

Impact of Bb announcement on LMS Futures process

An number of announcements were made yesterday by Blackboard.  Among these were an extension of the period during which Blackboard will offer technical support for ANGEL.  Ray Henderson blogged to expand on the reasoning behind these moves.

CSS Tips at Next MindShare

Our next MindShare will be Thursday, March 29 at 10:30 a.m. at Wills House. Nate Lounds will review CSS, giving tips and answering questions.

MindShare | Online Speech with Dr. Harris | March 22nd, 2012

Meet Dr. Richard Harris from SouthEastern University this week in MindShare here in LearnDAT. Dr. Harris had 22 years of teaching experience of introductory speech courses before developing and teaching it online about 7 years ago.

LMS Demo Information

The Blackboard and Desire2Learn vendors have provided demo environments of their systems.

Demo environment login information (and public demonstration recordings) can be found online through the authenticated site.
*Please be advised that you are sharing the demo environment login credential with many other users. The use of these systems is strictly for demo purposes; no data will be retained.

Breakfast Series Annoucement: Teaching and Learning with Games

Breakfast Series Announcement: Teaching and Learning with Games - Be a Serious Game ninja! Wednesday, March 14th, 8:30am-10:00am, 4th Floor MSU Library Take a moment to play a few games before the event:

How to use google voice for extremely easy on-the-fly podcasting:

Many online course instructors use announcements to communicate on a regular basis with the learners. Some instructors create introductions to modules using video, audio, or presentation tools.