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LearnDash - Could WordPress be a viable LMS?

About five years ago, I had some kind friends help me to see the benefits of using Wordpress as a platform for blogging and web design. I continue to find the interface of Wordpress to be intuitive compared to other content management systems. The powerful plugins are also robust with an active developer community. 

2012 Recap

A summary of LearnDat has been up to during the 2012 calendar year!

Lilly Seminar on REAL Classrooms with Christopher Brooks

On October 23th, F&OD and LearnDAT partnered together to host Dr. Christopher Brooks for a Lilly Seminar on the topic of REAL Classrooms (Rooms for Engaged and Active Learning). Dr. Brooks is a Research Fellow in the Office of Information Technology at the University of Minnesota and has done extensive research on the topic of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs). 

University of Minnesota Trip

Patti and Dave took a trip recently to visit the University of Minnesota's notorious Active Learning Classrooms

Field Trip to Menlo

Remember field trips? What ever happened to those?

Have you ever thought about how you think?

What do you do to help yourself or others become better at learning?

Anatomy of A Simple Course Intro Video

We've recently been simplifying and streamlining the process of creating quick, easy, and high-impact course introduction videos. We've also been having some fun in the process.

VU takes it on the road…

…or at least across campus. Continuing with their model of support for online and blended course designs, LearnDAT has just completed its first department-focused workshop blending effective teaching strategies with technology tools. The Department of Forestry is looking towards expanding more of their course offerings into the online medium and sought out ways to support their faculty and staff in beginning this endeavor.

MindShare | Online Speech with Dr. Harris | March 22nd, 2012

Meet Dr. Richard Harris from SouthEastern University this week in MindShare here in LearnDAT. Dr. Harris had 22 years of teaching experience of introductory speech courses before developing and teaching it online about 7 years ago.