EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference


EDUCAUSE 2014 Annual Conference

ELI Online Fall Focus Session 2013 "How Online Innovations Are Transforming Learning"

Education Learning Initiative (ELI) Fall Focus Session 2013: How Online Innovations are Transforming Learning. More information @

Introduction to Andy and Dave from LearnDAT

Andy Saltarelli and Dave Goodrich were recently hired as eProducers for LearnDAT. They enjoy working alongside faculty to develop e-learning content and courses for online, hybrid and web-enhanced delivery contexts.

“Transforming Higher Education with Emerging Technologies” by Chris Dede | An ELI Session Highlight

Chris Dede from Harvard gave an outstanding talk called "Transforming Higher Education with Emerging Technologies" at the recent Educause Learning Initiative in Austin Texas on the morning of February 14th. LearnDAT had the privilege of hosting an online stream of this talk and several others. These virtual sessions were open to the MSU community.

LCT hosting EDUCAUSE 2010 streams at Wills House

EDUCAUSE 2010 is the premier meeting for IT professionals in higher education.  The topics of this year's event explores key issues impacting our institutions today, from dealing with reduced IT budgets and understanding emerging technologies to the role that IT can play in developing collaborative, transformative learning environments.  Libraries, Computing and Technology has arranged for a local event at Wills House on the MSU campus that allows us to participate in this virtual conference.

Educause - Blended Learning Event - Wills House 9/15-9/16

Join LearnDAT for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2010 Online Fall Focus Session

Wills House Main Conference RoomSeptember 15-16 - Noon-5:30pm

Blended Learning: The 21st-Century Learning Environment

ELI Mobile Learning Event 3/3-3/4

Join LearnDAT for the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative 2010 Online Spring Focus Session

Wills House Main Conference RoomMarch 3–4 - Noon-5pm

Mobile Learning 2.0: The Next Phase of Innovation in Mobility


Educause 2009

This post serves as a reminder of the Educause 2009 Online conference that will be taking place in 120 Linton Hall Wednesday, Thursday and Friday courtesy of Libraries, Computing and Technology and the College of Arts and Letters. We hope to see you there for all or part of this experience, including a presentation by MSU's own Dr. Byron Brown and Dr. Severin Grabski! Click "read more" to see the full schedule.

EDUCAUSE 2009: Online Conference at MSU

November 4, 5 and 6, Libraries Computing and Technology and the College of Art and Letters will be hosting a live EDUCAUSE 2009 Virtual Conference in 120 Linton Hall.  We have registered for this one location and have selected the presentations that will be shown, primarily focusing on topics for those of you interested in educational technology.


2009 Horizon Report

The Horizon Report is released yearly as a collaboration between the New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative.  It looks at current trends, as well as what is percieved to be on the "horizon" in learning and technology.  The 2009 report has been released, and holds some interesting perspectives and challenges for the higher education community.


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