New Program Development & Planning

hand drawn planning process chart

Getting your program off the ground

Before getting started with the administrative process, you will need to develop a good plan of what kind of focus and goals your new program will consist of. What need does the proposed program fill? What are you trying to achieve with this program? Some areas you might consider addressing are accessibility, global outreach, furthering research interests in the field, service and affordability.

Once your goals and vision are fairly concrete, you can begin to think about how you want to structure the experience for students. Will your program take advantage of a cohort format, or be very flexible in design? How will students demonstrate achievement of the goals of the program? Will they be required to be involved in an internship experience or practicum or capstone project?

Another consideration for your program once the structure has been determined and the administrative processes are underway, is branding and marketing. Many programs take advantage of the fact that MSU is internationally recognized in key areas. Highlight these strengths and consider where possible partnerships could evolve.

Resources are another important consideration. What personnel/staff/administrative assistance will this endeavor require? What, if any, startup funds are available? How will needs such as instructor training and course development be met?

Successful programs have all found creative ways to deal with the following issues:

  • Student recruitment and retention
  • Flexible, scalable, sustainable model
  • Funding
  • Retaining good faculty
  • Nimble decision-making process
  • Prioritize growth and opportunities
  • Competitive
  • Ethics (cheating and plagiarism)
  • Quality control & meaningful course/program evaluations
  • Classroom support
  • Balance between being strategic and tactical

For assistance and helpful tips on new programs or courses, contact LearnDAT for a consultation.