LIR 811 Introductory video

Mike Polzin
Patti Banyas

This course itself is designed to give students a resource base of knowledge and skills for conducting, facilitating and/or brokering training programs that might fall within the domain of responsibility of labor and industrial relations and human resource management professionals. Learners explore and experience how the principles of instructional development, delivery and evaluation function in human resource and labor relations departments and in organizations.

Although this course is not technically considered a hybrid by university standards, the development of the course took place in a manner that is notable. The summer before the course was to be offered entirely online, preparations were being made for the material to be presented effectively and with as much interactivity as possible. Guest speakers in the traditionally-offered summer course were captured on digital video to be used for later offerings.

A large portion of the content was made available to students in the summer in-person course using the ANGEL course management system. The students were able to provide feedback on the materials and this was implemented in the fall online offering. Throughout the semester, short video introductions for modules were recorded and posted to add warmth and personality to the class. During the fall class, we also experiemented with Breeze by offering an online lecture.

Technologies used: 
Macromedia Flash Video