Introduction to Andy and Dave from LearnDAT

Andy Saltarelli and Dave Goodrich were recently hired as eProducers for LearnDAT. They enjoy working alongside faculty to develop e-learning content and courses for online, hybrid and web-enhanced delivery contexts.

LearnDAT Survey: Co-creating the Classroom Community

How do instructors create a sense of community?  How do students connect with each other?  Are online and face-to-face students different in how they approach and experience community?  The fall 2010 LearnDAT survey addressed these topics. 

LearnDAT Survey: Great In Person Classes Use Lots of Online Tools

We've recently posted the full report from a LearnDAT survey of instructors and students, findings include:

A Vision of Students Today

Quality - What are the students looking for?

What makes a quality online course? This question guides us at LearnDAT daily, and is the basis of every aspect of our work. As producers, artists, and programmers, we're constantly searching for answers to this question, and finding them in a variety of places: the voices of faculty members, research papers, journal articles and best practices. However, one of the most valuable assets in this quest is often the most overlooked: the students themselves.

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