Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the LearnDAT Teaching and Learning website. We have compiled and organized information collected over the ten plus years of our involvement in the development and production of online teaching and learning experiences. The following information covers critical questions you may have before designing your course.

We have structured the site in a way we hope you can quickly find what you are looking for.

The Think section includes things you might wish to consider before you start creating your course. These are the steps to get you started. They cover important issues you will need to address while planning your course.

The Design section covers items to consider while designing and developing your course. It includes information for desiging content, pages, structure, communication and instructional design (pedagogy). This stage of course design is an iterative process and we recommend as many rounds of refinements as needed. Once you have taught your course, this section will stimulate your imagination to enhance it.

The Run section covers operational issues. After designing your course, these steps prepare you for teaching and maintaining your course. This section includes information about assessment and evaluation techniques.

The Learn section provides examples and case studies as well as information about awards, seminars and conferences. This gives you the opportunity to learn from your peers' experiences.

Ask yourself "why" you are interested in developing a fully online, blended or enhanced course before you begin development. Your answers to "why" will help you decide the best way "how" to use technology to design your course. This section includes some ways other MSU faculty have answered that question.