Teaching & Learning

Factors to Consider

Whether you teach in-person or online, careful consideration should be taken when designing the relationship between course goals, activities, and evaluation for engaged teaching and learning. Many instructors may have already thought of the following key factors, but it is good to revisit them in order to get a clear idea of the needs and goals for the design.

  • Motivation for the student: Why learn this? Where and when is this used? What are the payoffs for learning?
  • Motivation for the faculty: What are the reasons for developing this course? How can you create the best learning experience for the students?
  • Your Time: Preparing all materials ahead of time requires a significant time commitment.
  • Pedagogical considerations: What pedagogical models and learning theories will you be incorporating into the teaching of the material?
  • Orientation: Help the student adjust to the environment or content being taught, i.e., preview, objectives, overviews, summaries, prerequisites, and schedule.
  • Information: The content the student needs to master, i.e., facts and evidence, demonstrations and skill steps, definitions and examples, evidence and cases, control and explain events, recall data, perform tasks, identify concepts and infer outcomes.
  • Application: How will the student demonstrate learning, i.e., practice, prompting, feedback, remediation?
  • Evaluation: How will you assess what the student has learned, whether the content was relevant, or whether the instructional method was appropriate?
  • Technical Competency: Are you comfortable with the technology used to deliver your course content? Will you need training or support?