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Sample evaluation questions and topics

Example Introduction
The following is an evaluation survey for the online class you are completing this session. In order to improve the quality of the class and provide a better learning experience for future students, we would like to ask that you please take some time to complete the following survey.

This survey itself is completely voluntary. You're choice to participate or not participate can in no way effect your grade and/or your standing in the class. We ask for your participation for evaluation purposes only. Your participation in the survey will be kept completely anonymous from the instructor and staff. Also, the data you provide in the survey will NOT be used for, or in, any research and/or publications.

We take what you have to say very seriously and will use your constructive criticisms to improve the course for future sections.

It is OK to include my responses in research?

Course Orientation
Was the "User's guide to this course" useful?
Did the brief introduction to xxx give you a good idea of the course's intellectual framework?

Expectations, Goals and Objectives
Clarity of course expectations and assignments; course structure.
Course content was consistent with the course objectives.
The adequacy of the outlined direction of the course.
Relevance of subject matter to students' educational goals.
What were your expectations for this class and how effectively have they been met?
What topics were you expecting/would have liked to address that we didn't?
How would you rate your previous experience with xxx concepts before taking this course?

Instructor Evaluation
Instructors knowledge of subject matter.
The instructor returned examinations and papers in a timely fashion.
The instructor provided feedback regarding completed course assignments.
How was the feedback you received?
Considering the size of the class, the instructor's responsiveness to student questions and use of class participation was xxx.
The instructor's presentations positively impacted on my understanding of material.
The instructor's ability to communicate the subject to the student was xxx.
Ability of instructors to relate to students' interests and needs.
Availability of instructors (office hours, e-mail and telephone calls).
The instructor's enthusiasm in talking about course material.
The instructor's interest in teaching.
The instructor's use of examples or personal experience to help get points across.
The instructor's ability to relate the course concepts in a systematic manner.

Time Commitment
What was the (average) amount of time you spent on this course per week outside of class?
How many hours per week did you spend doing actual class work?
How many hours per week did you spend online doing related activities that were a direct result of taking the course?

Office Hours
Did you use the Office Hours chatrooms? How many times did you visit the chat rooms?
When you visited the Office Hours chatroom, were your questions satifactorily answered?
If you visited the Office Hours chatrooms more than three times the whole semester you were the exception. How could the chatroom be improved?
If you did not visit the Office Hours chatrooms more than once the whole semester....why not?
Office Hours chatrooms were not extensively used by students. Would it be better to have students e-mail questions to the instructor and for the instructor to post these questions and his answers in the "Read All About It!" folder?

Course lectures (content, delivery style, pace)
The appropriateness of the amount of material the the course attempted to cover.
The appropriateness of the pace at which course material was covered.
The content is arranged in a clear, logical and orderly manner.
The content covers most of the topics you expected to find.
The content explains the knowledge and concepts well.
The content is of appropriate difficulty.
The examples shown are good.
The module has made me feel more confident in the subject.
These topics were adequately covered?
Was there anything more you wanted to learn about any of these topics?
What part of the module did you find most useful/interesting?
Is the course unfolding in a clear and understandable direction?
Your comments about the course unfolding in a clear and understandable direction.

Course materials (textbooks, handouts)
How effective was the textbook in supplementing online lesson material?
What additional or alternative material would you like to have seen in the course?
Course readings were well selected and relevant.
The materials in this module have helped me to better understand many key concepts and/or terms in this module.
The materials in this module have helped me learn how to analyze real-life situations using the theories and/or concepts presented in this module.
The assignments are relevant to the module and test your knowledge.
What was your favorite assigned reading?
What was your least favorite assigned reading?
Did you find the coursepack useful for the class?
Did you prefer the sections which were presented with complete sentences or those sections which were more abbreviated? Why?

Rating Course Components
Utilization of links to external web sites.
The various activities I did in this module helped me gain a good understanding of the subject.
Use of case studies (e.g., intensive analysis of an individual situation stressing contributing factors in relation to environment).

Please comment on the following class components as they contributed to your learning this term:


  • Class readings
  • Large group discussions
  • Small group discussions
  • Written case analyses
  • Writing your own case problem as a small group
  • Educational leadership philosophy paper

Please rate the following exercises and elements according to how helpful they were to your learning experience (how well did these items help you learn and remember key information):


  • Lab facilities tour
  • Camera demo
  • Lighting demo
  • Group activities
  • Quizzes and exams
  • Class critiques
  • Class lectures

The multimedia (audio, video, and animation) materials in the module are of the right amount.
Was the audio track presented with each figure in the initial sections of the course content material useful or not?
Should an audio track be applied to every figure presented in the course content material?
Was the audio track and phonetic spelling presented for each drug in the Drug List for each section useful?
Were the figures posted in the course content useful? How can the figures be improved? Should more figures be used?
Were the animations posted in the course content useful? How can the animations be improved? Should more animations be used?

Online Discussion
Please comment on the quality and quantity of dialogue (with peers and with me as a facilitator) in which you were engaged during the term in this on-line forum compared to a traditional in-class setting.
Discussion Forum items were posted in the early sections of the course content material but not in the later sections. Were these items useful or not? Why?
Discussion Forum items were posted in the some sections of the course content material. Did you post answers to the initial (instructor posted) question and did you post comments to the ideas/answers of other students?
Discussion Forum items were posted in the early sections of the course content material but not in the later sections. Would you like to have seen Discussion Forum items in all sections of the material?
Any other comments about the use of Discussion Forum items in this course?
How relevant did you find the discussion about xxxx to this course?

Group Assignments
You were assigned to a group to, among other things, write two cases about two standards. What is your reaction to being in your group?
How often had you worked in groups or teams before this class?
Did you enjoy working with your group?

Technology Issues
Functioning of technical equipment.
ANGEL site set up.
The ease of navigating through the web site.
The availabiltiy of technical support.
The course website organization.
The ease of navigating through the course web site.
What were the biggest/most frustrating technical problems which you encountered during the course?
Suggestions for ways in which students might become more familiar and comfortable with technology used for delivery of this course.

Adequacy of opportunities for students to express their views through class discussion.
The student's opportunity to ask questions.

Value of Assessments
Did the exams appropriately test the material presented in the course content sections?
How could the exams be improved in terms of "content" or "logistics" (timing during course, time allowed etc.)?
Were the practice exam questions posted before (some)exams useful?
Would you prefer to have seen practice questions for all exams and to have practice questions posted earlier than two to four days before an exam?
Did the practice questions actually make good learning tools?

Overall evaluation of course
In your opinion, what were the best sections in the course. Why?
In your opinion, what were the worst sections in the course. Why?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of this seminar?
Your evaluation of the technical quality of the online course materials.
Your evaluation of the aesthetic quality of the online course materials.
What was your favorite part of the hybrid class?

Which parts of the module do you think are most in need of improvement? How?
Which components of this module do you like best? Please explain.
What other materials would you like to see in this module?
Please list three concepts/ideas that you have found important in the module.
Please suggest some ways to make the online tasks easier and more enjoyable.
Please comment on other ways to improve this module.
Your comments about your instructor and his success in establishing the assignments, sending you messages (weekly and sometimes more often) and leading a weekly virtual discussion. This is a space where you can express your reactions to his contributibutions to the class.
Please present any message(s), observation(s) or thought(s) you want to share.
What else could be done to improve the course?
If you had a concern or problem, was it addressed in a timely matter by your instructor.
From the student's point of view, how can the course be made "better" for the next class?
In comparing "what you got from the course" and "what you expected to get from the course, before the course started", what were the most unexpected "bonus items" and "problem items"?
Any other comments?
How do you feel the hybrid class could be improved?
Suggestions to improve students' understanding of course content.
What suggestions do you have to improve this particular course?

Self Assessment
What are the strengths and weaknesses of your own participation in the seminar?
Is the time you are spending in reading the assignments and thinking about the course proving to be valuable time spent?
Is the time you are spending in asynchronized web work proving to be valuable time spent?
Is the time you are spending in synchronized web work proving to be valuable time spent?

Whether or not you were interested in the material, did you learn something in this course?
My expected grade in this class is xxxx.
To what extent do you agree with the following statement? This course has taught me a great deal about xxxx.

Other comments or suggestions
Please make any additional comments you may have about this course in the remaining space.

Online learning
I think the web was used in effective ways to teach this class.
If you had the choice between taking this course online or in the classroom, which would you pick?
How much would you like to take another course on the web?
What surprised you about taking this online course?
What did you like about it?
What did you dislike about it?
The availabilty of the instructor via email or online discussion.
I would prefer to have the instructor physically present in the same room with me.
Your opportunity to interact with other virtual students in class discussion.
I felt isolated from the other students in the class.
I prefer direct, in-person interaction with other students in my class.
I have learned ______ in this class as I would have in a traditional class.
The quality of instruction was ______ that in a traditional classroom.
I enjoyed this web class ______ I would have enjoyed it if it had been offered as a traditional class.
I participated by speaking to the teacher and to other students ______ in this class as I do in a traditional class.
I enjoyed doing the e-tasks (online assignments).
I found the workload of the e-tasks easy to manage.

Hybrid course
How often did you use the online content?

What is your sex?
Are you: FEMALE             MALE
What is your age?
Are you a distant learning student or are you in residence in the Lansing area?
Are you an international student?
How would you rate your computer skills in general?
Are you a:  JUNIOR      SENIOR           MA STUDENT              OTHER
Are you a native English speaker?  YES    NO
What is your approximate GPA?   LESS THAN 3.0   BETWEEN 3.0 and 3.4   3.5 OR ABOVE