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Session 13 (2006): Behind the Scenes with the ProMS Program

Wednesday September 20, 2006 Behind the Scenes with the ProMS Program Session Materials
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Joan Predko, Director of Learning Design and Technology and The Instructional Media Center, gives an introduction to this session of the Breakfast Series.

Pattie McNiel introduces the Food Safety and Professional Development blended courses.
Dr. Wilson Rumbeiha dicusses the Food Safety Toxicology required online courses.
John Spink talks about Packaging for Food Safety, an elective online course
Dr. Julie Funk-talks about the Applied Project, a 6 credit h-our project for students.

Session Background

Pattie McNiel-VM 810 Introduction to Food Safety and Professional Development-Blended  
Dr. Wilson Rumbeiha-VM 812 Food Safety Toxicology-required online course  
John Spink-VM/PKG 814 Packaging for Food Safety-elective online course  
Dr. Julie Funk-VM 815 Applied Project-required online course 

Please join us for the first session of the Breakfast Series: Conversations on Online Pedagogy and Best Practices of the academic year. Presenting Behind the Scenes with the ProMS Program, Pattie McNiel, Academic Specialist in the National Food Safety & Toxicology Center will chair a panel of faculty discussing the trials, successes and lessons learned in developing the interdisciplinary Professional Master of Science (ProMS) Program in Food Safety.
The program is the first of its kind in the nation and enables companies to retain their best and brightest employees while they work on an advanced degree. Faculty will share some of their teaching methods and technologies they have employed to provide students with a meaningful and connected educational experience. This session is certain to provide a wealth of information for faculty, administrators and staff interested in the program development process and online teaching practices.