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Session 15 (2006): A Decade Online: Evolutions in Online Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 A Decade Online: Evolutions in Online Teaching and Learning Session Materials
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Joan Predko, Director of Learning Design and Technology and The Instructional Media Center, gives an introduction to this session of the Breakfast Series.

David Imig discusses general teaching philosophy and various strategies.
Joanne Keith shares her teaching experiences as it shifted from the controlled broadcast room to the controlled laptop computer and lectures were able to be placed online.
Mike Polzin addresses various questions and his ideas on learning such as learning being, “problem centered�.
Patty Peak explains her version of online learning as it relates to her pharmacology course.
The panel addresses an audience question centered on reaching a plateau in his teaching and ways to move off of that plateau.

Session Background:

David Imig, Professor, Family and Child Ecology JoAnn Keith, Professor Emeritus, Family and Child Ecology
Mary McLellan, Specialist -- Outreach, Horticulture
Patty Peek, Associate Professor, Nursing
Mike Polzin, Assistant Professor, Labor and Industrial Relations

In conjunction with the celebration of 10 years in online course development, LearnDAT is proud to present A Decade Online: Evolutions in Online Teaching and Learning for the November session of the Breakfast Series: Conversations on Online Pedagogy and Best Practices of the academic year. A special panel of faculty pioneers will assemble to discuss their early experiences in online teaching, the evolutions that have taken place over the years and their visions for the future of online instructional media. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to exchange ideas with some of Michigan State University’s early educational innovators.