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Session 19 (2007): Top Five ANGEL 7.2 Tricks and Pet Peeves

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Top Five ANGEL 7.2 Tricks and Pet Peeves

Session Materials

Archived Video

You may view the session or parts of the session using hi-speed connection (best for campus, cable, or DSL).

George Allen speaks about the use of Adobe Breeze Presenter in an ANGEL page.
Harold Hughes talks about the great uses of the new ANGEL quiz features.
Byron Brown
Jessica Knott talks about all of the new ANGEL updates that have occured and the ones that will take place in the near furture.

Patti Banys talks about loosing content out of web course.


Session Background


A panel of Summer 2007 ANGEL Faculty Users


With the launch of ANGEL 7.2 in May of 2007, summer session faculty and support staff acquired vast knowledge about system features and quirks.  In the first Breakfast Series session of the academic year, these pioneers share valuable tips in a unique panel discussion that is sure to help kick off the semester on the right foot.  Handouts detailing the tips will be provided.