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Session 20 (2007): Designing and Learning in Second Life Chinese Island

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Designing and Learning in Second Life Chinese Island

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Joad Predko, Director of Learning Design and Technology speaks briefly about the history and welcomes the speakers.
Patti Banyas, Producer at Learning Design and Technology intoduces thes first speaker.
Dr. Zheng talks about the Virtual World and Learning in it.
Ken talks about additional resources and other companies who use Second Life.
Dr. Zheng talks about a "newbie's" experience in Second Life.
Dr. Zheng goes more in dept about what seonds life is and its advantages.
Questions from the audience answered by the Second Life panel.


Session Background


Dongping Zheng Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ning Li, Ph.D., candidate
Confucius Institute, College of Education, MSU


Dr. Zheng and Ms. Li̢۪s talk will describe their effort to immerse beginning
Chinese language learners into Second Life Chinese Island (SLCI) for an
accredited college course. It moves beyond what Second Life itself has to
offer for interactions, community of inquiry and social agency (Garrison &
Anderson, 2003; Kim & Baylor, 2006), and instead, takes these affordances as
given and looks at how designed objects, kiosks, tasks and activities are
best perceived and enacted by Chinese learners. In the presentation, they
will illustrate the design principles for creating Second Life Chinese
Island, and preliminary bot-tracked data to discern how object-oriented and
designed kiosks, activities and tasks will best afford negotiation for
meaning, noticing and pick up. The presenters will argue how location and
dwell time could be designed to be associated with learners̢۪ intentional
sets. Such analysis will be informative for instructors to evaluate design
artifacts and material and determine how students respond to them.

Time will be provided for questions and discussion.

SERIES LEADER: Patti Banyas, eProducer, LearnDAT

ADVISORY PANEL: Byron Brown, Carrie Heeter, Jessica Knott, Kristen Lee,
Pattie McNiel, Susan Melnick and Joan Predko

For more information, please contact Patti Banyas at banyaspa@msu.edu