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Session 23 (2008): Thinking Visually and Putting the Web to Work

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thinking Visually and Putting the Web to Work
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Acting Director Brendan Guenther from Learning Design and Technology introduce the February 2008 Breakfast Series
Karl Gude from the MSU School of Journalism discusses how he puts the Web to
work in his teaching, and shares some stories from his time at Newsweek magazine.

Download March Breakfast Series podcast (10.6 MB)

Session Background

Karl Gude
MSU School of Journalism

Online pedagogy is more than just online assignments and discussion forums; it is engaging the students in content and getting them interested in your course. In this series, MSU professor of journalism and former Newsweek information graphics director Karl Gude will discuss how he has put the Web to work, through blogging, video production and more, recruiting students to enroll in his upcoming Study Abroad adventure. Additionally, Karl will share his ideas on visual thinking, and tell some stories from the Newsweek magazine front.

Jessica Knott
Learning Design and Technology

Advisory panel:
Byron Brown, Carrie Heeter, Jessica Knott, Kristen Lee, Pattie McNiel, Susan Melnick and Joan Predko