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Session 26 (2008): Appeal to Your Base: Ways to Reach Your Visual Learners

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Appeal to Your Base: Ways to Reach Your Visual Learners
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Dr. Thomas discusses how concept mapping, simulations and student drawings can add engagement to an online course experience, while simultaneously reinforcing concepts and heightening student satisfaction.
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Dr. Stephen Thomas
Zoology and Natural Science

How can your online teaching practices appeal to the 65% of students who are visual learners, without alienating those who are not? In this session, Dr. Stephen Thomas will share tangible experiences from his course, ISB 202: People and the Environment. Using comics, hands-on simulations, dynamic lectures and video presence, in addition to static readings and coursework, the resulting experience was one that put students at ease and garnered favorable learning outcomes for visual and non-visual learners alike.

Jessica Knott
Learning Design and Technology

Advisory panel:
Byron Brown, Carrie Heeter, Jessica Knott, Kristen Lee and Susan Melnick

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