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Session 28 (2009): The Benefits of Media Assessment: Virtual Poster Sessions

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Benefits of Media Assessment: Virtual Poster Sessions
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Dr. DeJong discusses how the idea for virtual poster sessions originated and how the assignment is structured.
Dr. DeJong gives examples and discusses issues encountered, take-aways and lessons learned. Part II
Session Background

Dr. Christina DeJong
Associate Professor
MSU School of Criminal Justice

Virtual Poster Sessions offer students in CJ811, Design and Analysis in Criminal Justice Research, the opportunity to collaborate and display the results of data analysis to provide examples of data-driven decision making. For this project, students select a relevant criminal justice research question, then use ANGEL to create a literature review, draw conclusions from data analysis (created in SPSS), and discuss implications of findings. Rather than write a paper to present their results, students use Google Sites to create a Web page that displays their work, creating a repository of learning resources for other students in the course. This presentation will discuss the development of this project, and how it can be implemented in both online and face-to-face courses of diverse subject matter.

Jessica Knott
Learning Design and Technology

Advisory panel:
Byron Brown, Carrie Heeter, Jessica Knott, Kristen Lee and Susan Melnick