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Session 29 (2009): ANGEL 7.4 - What You Should Know

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ANGEL 7.4 - What You Should Know
Archived Video
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Introduction, Upgrade Schedule and Training Opportunities
What's New - Quiz to Assessment Part II
What's New - Algorithmic Question Editor Part III
What's New - Anonymous Surveys Part IV
What's New - Discussion Forum Changes/Enhancements Part V
What's New - Rubric Manager Part VI
What's New - Theme Editor Part VIII
What's New - Integrated Google Tools (also contains a slide on where to get help or ask questions) Part IX

Download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation here

Session Background

The MSU ANGEL Support Team (Ryan Yang and Mike Buchanon, speakers)

This Series will provide an overview of the upcoming ANGEL upgrade on May 14 and 15, 2009. Background, new features and opportunities to familiarize yourself with the new system will be discussed. Ample time will be available for questions and answers.

Jessica Knott
Learning Design and Technology

Advisory panel:
Byron Brown, Carrie Heeter, Jessica Knott, Kristen Lee and Susan Melnick